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The Australian Ethical Consumer Report is out now. Be Slavery Free, Baptist World Aid and McCrindle Research partnered to produce this report that shares insights into what everyday Aussies know about ethical fashion and modern slavery.

It uncovers what motivates Australians when making purchasing decisions, and measures their position on the journey towards becoming an ethical global citizen—someone who recognises and cares about the impact of their decisions on others, aligns their habits with these values and publicly advocates for the cause. This is measured through the Ethical Global Citizen Index (EGCI).

In this 2023 edition, we see amongst Australians the tension between more engagement with ethical consumption resources than ever, and less inclination to change behaviours due to the rising cost of living and confusion around information provided. The report also reveals who Australian consumers see as responsible for supply chain issues, and highlights what action steps they are most likely to take towards ethical and sustainable global citizenship.

Check out the Australian Ethical Consumer Report here.

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