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Ethical Fashion Post

What is your favourite fashion brand? Are you aware of the human rights and sustainability policies and performance of this brand.

You can answer these questions and more in the latest version of the Baptist World Aid 2021 Ethical Fashion Guide which is now live. In this guide you will find the results obtained after assessing 420 brands. This represents 98 companies, 20 of which received an A or A+ ranking. 40% of companies improved their score from 2019. 21 new brands are included in this latest guide.

ACRATH congratulates Baptist World Aid on producing a resource that will make a positive difference in the lives of so many people working in the global fashion industry. When we make ethical choices we are saying no to exploitation and abuse of workers and the environment. Your ethical choices will help to stamp out modern slavery and abusive labour practices.

Access the 2021 Ethical Fashion Guide here.

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