Exploited Workers Must be Paid

seasonal workers

ACRATH has been calling on the Federal Government to compensate 22 ni-Vanuatu workers more than $100,000 in lost wages and expenses for farm work they completed back in 2014. The work was done by the men when they were recruited through the Seasonal Workers program for Pacific Workers, an Australian government aid program. ABC Radio Australia has broadcast an interview with ACRATH National Executive Officer, Christine Carolan. Christine explains that some of the men were paid a total of $150 for seven weeks work but most men went home empty handed. When the case was heard in the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court the judge said it was “egregious” exploitation. The men have never been paid the money they were awarded by the court. ACRATH believes the Australian Government has a responsibility to make an Act of Grace payment to the men.

Hear the interview here.

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