Extent of Human Tragedy in South Australia

SA Research Project

Research from South Australia’s Flinders University has focussed on the 18 people documented to have been trafficked in South Australia between 2004 and 2019; the majority have been young women forced to marry. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has referred the 18 suspected victims of human trafficking in SA to the Support for Trafficked People Program (STPP) with a peak in numbers in 2017.

The research report, Slavery and Slavery-like practices in South Australia: A Report, published today by Flinders University’s Associate Professor Marinella Marmo in collaboration with ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) urges the South Australian Government to launch an inquiry into slavery and slavery-like practices in the state.

The research found that the slavery and slavery-like practice cases in South Australia have included forced marriage, forced labour and domestic labour and sexual servitude in intimate partner violence (IPV) cases linked to bridal visas. Most forced labour was found in the hospitality, cleaning and horticulture/agriculture industries. Read more…

Access the full report here.