February 2021 Action post

It is not too early to begin the campaign for a slavery-free Easter.

Gather a few others to help organize an slavery-free Easter chocolate campaign in your parish, school and community. Use parish and school bulletins and social media  to invite others to join the slavery-free Easter campaign. Post feedback to suppliers’ websites letting them know why you are purchasing slavery-free chocolate. Click here for more information on how you can have a slavery-free Easter.

And while we are thinking slavery-free did you know there is a story behind your t-shirt and other cotton clothing. Sometimes it’s a story of hope and development, other times it can be sinister and exploitative.

A Fairtrade certified t-shirt means cotton is grown and picked by people who are paid and treated fairly  and not children forced into labour.

If your t-shirt is not certified Fairtrade, then chances are cotton pickers may be paid little money and often children are used to harvest the cotton.

Click here for more information on Fairtrade cotton and Australian Fairtrade garment sellers.

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