First World Day Against Trafficking in Persons



Help to Give Hope

Each year millions of children, women and men from all regions of the world are trafficked, their hope is stolen. To mark the first ever United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons, 30 July, people across the globe are encouraged to symbolically help give back this precious item.  Click here to find out how you can give hope.

In her message for the first-ever World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the UN Special Rapporteur on human trafficking, especially women and children, Ms. Joy Ezeilo, said “Human beings, just like you and me, are trafficked every day for economic purposes, sexual exploitation or for removal of their organs. This heinous business must stop….If you are a corporation or a business, take action to ensure that your supply chain is free of human trafficking and that no one is held in forced labour. If you’re an individual, buy responsibly and avoid becoming part of the human trafficking chain. We must break the chain of human trafficking, this is my message to us all today.”

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