Forced Marriage Awareness

Forced Marriage Awareness

On the final day of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival ACRATH members Liz and Kathy held a workshop attended by 130 young people, on Forced Marriage and the referral pathways. The workshop was based on case studies with the young people asked to identify the common complexities, sensitivities and risk that need to be considered when responding to Forced Marriage and supporting somebody in this position.

The ACRATH Booth was extremely busy throughout the 3 days of the festival with thousands of young people learning more about Slavery free Supply Chains with the help of the Baptist World Aid Ethical Fashion Brochure and through games and apps.

Thank you to the organisers of the ACYF for inviting ACRATH to participate. We were blown away by the amazing young people who attended our workshops and booth, they came with a true spirit of Justice and added their strong voices to millions of others across the world standing in solidarity against  human trafficking and modern slavery.

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