Forced Marriage Education in Toowoomba


ACRATH members Stancea Vichie mss and Deidre Gardiner rsm were recently joined by the Executive Officer of Highways and Byways, Liz McAloon, to discuss the workshops on Forced Marriage that will take place in Toowoomba in the coming months. ACRATH is grateful to Highways and Byways for their support of this project. Highways & Byways is  a Community of Service continuing the vision of the Missionary Sisters of Service. Leader of the Missionary Sisters of Serve, Stancea Vichie, recalled that the sisters first came to the Toowoomba Diocese in 1964 and have worked in the vast areas out west as well as in Toowoomba so it is a special place to the sisters. ACRATH sends congratulations to the Missionary Sisters of Service who are currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of their foundation.

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