Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Marie-Claire (Vic)

Year 12 Student Supports the Work of ACRATH

Marie-Claire (Vic)

As part of her Yr 12 Religion Assessment at Penola College Broadmeadows,  Marie-Claire Charchar chose to investigate the work of ACRATH.  Prior to undertaking this assignment she had no idea that human trafficking occurred in Australia.  She writes, “I realised that the real issue is that the victims of this crime are not being heard, thus I immediately decided that I needed to take part in “giving a voice to the voiceless” together with ACRATH.”   Marie-Claire put her thoughts into action by setting up a stall on behalf of ACRATH at the Glenroy festival.  She spent a Sunday morning in April handing out brochures and telling people about the atrocious crimes that are happening in their nation, a 1st world country.

Marie-Claire you are an inspiration.  Thank you for supporting the work of ACRATH but more importantly for “giving a voice to the voiceless.”  Read Marie-Claire’s own account of her experience here.

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