Global Slavery Index 2023

Global Slavery Index 2023

The global Slavery Index 2023 reports there has been an increase in modern slavery over the last five years. On any given day there are 50 million people are living in modern slavery and the world’s wealthiest economies are importing almost US$468 billion worth of products at risk of being made with forced labour. The worsening situation has been brought aout by factors such as armed conflicts, environmental degradation and the economic and social impacts of Covid-19.

While contries sucah as Australia, Canada, Germany and Norway have introduced anti-slavery legislation during the last five year, on the whole government action has stagnated.

The report outlines 5 recommendations for government action to address modern slavery:

  1. Implement stronger measures to combat forced labour in public and private supply chains by introducing legislation to stop governments and businesses from sourcing goods or services linked to modern slavery.
  2. Embed anti-slavery measures in humanitarian and crisis responses, and ensure that human rights are embedded in efforts to build a green economy.
  3. Prioritise human rights when engaging with repressive regimes, by conducting due diligence to ensure that any trade, business, or investment is not contributing to or benefitting from state-imposed forced labour, including where it occurs in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.
  4. Focus on prevention and protection for vulnerable populations by providing primary and secondary education for all children, including girls.
  5. Ensure effective civil and criminal protections in legislation to tackle forced and child marriage, including raising the age of marriage to 18 for all people, with no exceptions.

Download a copy of the 2023 Global Slavery Index here.