Going from hell to hope


The Sydney Morning Herald
August 21, 2010

The trade in human misery continues, with young girls selling for about $200, writes Ed Pilkington.

Nicholas Kristof is not the kind of person you would expect to be a slave owner. As a columnist on The New York Times, he belongs to an elite within an elite, the embodiment of journalistic seriousness. Yet there he was, in 2004, blithely forking out $150 for Srey Neth and $203 for another teenager, Srey Momm; handing over the money to a brothel keeper in exchange for a receipt and complete dispensation to do with the two girls as he would. Nick Kristof: double Pulitzer prize winner, bestselling author, slave owner. But that, as is made clear in his new book, written with his wife Sheryl WuDunn, is just the start of it. read more..

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