Honouring All Mothers

Mothers Day Post

Celebrate Your Mum This Mother’s Day and Honour the Mothers Who Make Your Purchase Possible!

This Mother’s Day, let us take a moment to remember the mothers worldwide whose labour enables us to purchase the gifts we give to those we love. From the garment makers making, cocoa bean farmers to service workers these mothers deserve to be honoured with fair wages and safe working conditions.

Here are some useful resources ACRATH recommends for mindful purchasing of a Mother’s Day gift. Let’s support ethical brands and organisations that are making a difference in the lives of mothers worldwide.

Did you know much of the chocolate sold in Australia is made using cocoa beans picked by women and children, many of whom have been enslaved or forced to work in exploitative conditions?

Download 2023 Be Slavery Free Chocolate Scorecard and find out what’s going into the chocolate you purchase and how your favourite brands rate before you purchase Mum a box of choccies this year.

The Baptist Aid Fashion Guide has helped shed light on what fashion companies are doing and still need to do to protect predominantly female garment workers. Downloads yours before you head to the shops to find out how brands scored and how they rank compared to other brands.

Remember, if your favourite brand has you disappointed, ask it to do better using the Speak Out to Brands tool. https://baptistworldaid.org.au/resources/ethical-fashion-guide/

Coffee & Tea
Thinking of sharing a cuppa with Mum? Make sure the brand of coffee or tea you are drinking is Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance Coffee.  And if you are out at a café, ask the Barista if they would consider stocking it. This certification means the coffee producer is working towards eliminating slavery from the product’s supply chains.

Other products
Check to see if the company you are purchasing from is making changes to eliminate slavery from their supply chains. Look up the modern slavery statements at the Online Register for Modern Slavery Statements.