How to Be A Good Egg This Easter

Good Egg Easter

Download the How to Be a Good Egg poster (A4 version or A3 version). Post it at your school, community noticeboard, parish home or office and spread ACRATH’s message.

Look for Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance logos on your chocolate wrapper.Download the Be Slavery Free Chocolate Scorecard! to find out what’s really going into your chocolate and how your favourite brands rate.

Be an influencer and share your chocolate (online) by taking a selfie/or photo with your Easter chocolate (after checking its rating on the scorecard) then uploading the photo to your favourite social media platform with the following text:

“I’m a good Egg! I’ve joined ACRATH’s Good Egg Easter Campaign and have committed to buying only Easter chocolate from brands that commit to making slavery-free chocolate.”

Join Us, Share your message, and don’t forget to tag us or email us at to be featured in our campaign on our social media. We will be publishing photos from schools, individuals and workplaces.

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