Human Rights-Life Course Five Point Framework To Address Human Trafficking


Angela-Reed,-RSM-making-intervention-Sr Angela Reed rsm Speaks at the Special High Level Event at the UN

Sister of Mercy and member of ACRATH, Sr Angela Reed, is currently in residence at the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Global Action Office at the UN in New York. She recently made an oral intervention at the Special High Level Event at the UN entitled “In Stronger Partnership and Better Coordination to End Human Trafficking” on behalf of the Sisters of Mercy and the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.

Angela challenged policy makers to understand trafficking from a life course perspective, a multidisciplinary approach to looking at a person’s story alongside the world that person lives in, including the social, historical, economic and political environments. Challenging the dominant discourse on trafficking which is largely focused on criminality and migration, Angela called for a focus on prevention, whereby children’s rights to safe housing, adequate schooling, and health and wellbeing are realised across the life course. Read more…

Listen to the intervention. (video at 3:02:32 -3:05:07)

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