Human Trafficking: An Open Wound On Society

Pope- Vatican Conference

Combating Human Trafficking

Trafficking-Conf-2014-banner-1Pope Francis used strong words to address the Vatican conference Combating Human Trafficking held on 9th & 10th April.   “Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ. It is a crime against humanity.”  The conference was attended by Church representatives, law enforcement authorities and humanitarian and social workers.

During the conference a young Hungarian woman sobbed as she pleaded with police chiefs, bishops, ambassadors and politicians to work together to stop any more women being treated like her – trafficked, beaten raped, and put to work in the sex trade.

Present at the conference was Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Tony Negus.  He began his address to the conference by saying “”As you would appreciate, in fighting all types of transnational crime and terrorism, collaboration across multiple jurisdictions is a key strategy. Fighting human traffickers is no different and that is one reason why forums like this are so important. To share our experiences, both positive and negative, to learn from each other and to come up with new ideas together is a vital way that we can improve the circumstances of so many victims of this despicable crime.”

At the conclusion of the conference police chiefs from around the world signed the Santa Marta Commitment pledging to “eradicate the scourge of this serious criminal activity, which abuses vulnerable people”.


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