Human Trafficking and Slavery Offenders in Australia


Methods & Motivations

A.I.C.The latest Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice published by the Australian Institute of Criminology reports on human trafficking and slavery offenders in Australia.  The report indicates that “between 2004 and 2012, there were 346 investigations and assessments by the Australian Federal Police of suspected cases of human trafficking, slavery and slave-like practices such as sexual servitude and forced labour. Forty-six individuals were referred by police for assessment for prosecution under the Criminal Code (Attorney General’s Department personal communication 2 January 2013), with 15 people convicted. At the time of writing, there were three prosecutions before the courts and one of these was an appeal from a lower court conviction (Attorney General’s Department personal communication 2 January 2013). Most convictions have been for slavery offences. The high numbers of investigations compared with convictions highlights the complexity of investigations and prosecutions for this crime type.”  This document deepens our understanding of why convicted offenders were motivated to commit the crimes of human trafficking and slavery and how they exercised control over their victims.

Download a copy of the report here.

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