Human Trafficking Forum Geraldton

Brianna, WA

ACRATH Member Speaks to  Geraldton Gathering

On the 26th of March the local community in Geraldton, WA hosted a forum on Human Trafficking. The forum was prompted by a number of newspaper articles in the Geraldton Guardian which alluded to human trafficking in the sex industry in the town. ACRATH member Brianna Lee was flown up to speak to the community about the issue of human trafficking. Her presentation looked at the definition of human trafficking, how to recognise it and how the community can respond to the issue. There was a great turn out at the event and community members expressed that they felt much more informed after the presentation. One of the goals of the forum for Brianna was to raise awareness about trafficking outside of the sex industry. She found it interesting to note that community members had previously come across indicators of trafficking in areas outside of the sex industry but were not aware of their significance. The outcome of the meeting was that an action group would look at the risk factors in their community that may make them vulnerable to trafficking, and ways in which they can raise awareness and tackle the issue.

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