Human Trafficking – the Facts

Mercy Webinar - 21st May 2020

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery – what are the facts especially in this time of Pandemic and what would Catherine McAuley be Saying?

This Webinar organised by Lorraine Phelan rsm, a Sister of Mercy and ACRATH Regional Coordinator for ACT/NSW was originally set up for those connected to the Sisters of Mercy in some way but it was broadened for others when there was a ground swell of interest.

*Lorraine Phelan rsm – speaks of the relevancy of this topic to those in or partnering in Mercy

*Angela Reed rsm  Coordinator of Mercy Global Action and representative for the Sisters of Mercy at the United Nations – speaks of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in this time of Pandemic and the implications from a Global perspective

*Christine Carolan – Executive Officer of ACRATH – speaks of ways in which ACRATH is addressing some of these issues Nationally through its present projects.

The webinar can be accessed here.

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