Inherent Dignity Webinar Series

Inherent Dignity

Mercy Global Action held a three session interactive webinar series to take a closer look at Mercy International Association’s publication Inherent Dignity, an anti-human trafficking advocacy guidebook.The Inherent Dignity Guidebook can be accessed here.  The webinar series aimed to engage participants with the major learnings of this guidebook and address the following questions:

  • What is the human-rights based approach to preventing trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation?
  • Why is it important to listen to survivors and ensure their participation in the work of prevention?
  • What are governments’ legal obligations to preventing trafficking?
  • What can governments, organizations, and individuals do to prevent trafficking?

ACRATH’s National Executive Officer, Christine Carolan, was a panelist in the third session which highlighted concrete actions organisations and individuals can take to prevent trafficking.

The three sessions of this webinar series are available here.

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