International Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery

Australia's International Strategy

Australia’sAustralia's International Strategy Commitment to Being a Regional Leader

Australia’s International Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery was launched in Bali on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. The documents states:
“To better realise the vision of Australia as a regional leader in combating human trafficking and slavery, this strategy will amplify the impact of Australia’s international efforts by:
1. setting strategic priorities for our engagement;
2. enhancing our leadership and coordination; and
3. enhancing our advocacy, to promote regional and international cooperation in response to human trafficking and slavery.

The strategy also announces the change of title of Australia’s Ambassador for People Smuggling Issues, to Ambassador for People Smuggling and Human Trafficking. The Ambassador will continue to advocate for enhanced international cooperation, and the new title further highlights Australia’s commitment to tackling this serious crime.

The work of Sister of Mercy and ACRATH member, Angel Reed Ph D, is acknowledged in this document. Angela and her colleague,Marietta Latonio, a Filipino social worker,  have recorded the experiences of women who have been trafficked into Cebu in the Philippines in their publication “I Have a Voice.” Read more…

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