Investors Against Slavery


Fiance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) is an initiative of the Liechtenstein Initiative. This Initiative, a partnership between the Governments of Liechtenstein, Australia and the Netherlands, aims to put the financial sector at the heart of global efforts to end modern slavery and human trafficking and accelerate action in eradicating these practices.

FAST is supporting the launch of Investors Against Slavery and Trafficking Asia-Pacific (IAST APAC), an investor-led initiative convened to engage companies in the APAC region to find, fix and prevent modern slavery, labour exploitation and human trafficking in their value chains. IAST APAC has two work streams that investors can participate in; one focused on reporting requirements for Australian companies, and one focused on collaborative engagement with APAC companies.

FAST is also launching a new series of Insights exploring different aspects of the FAST Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking.

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