Iona Students Support ACRATH

Iona 2

Iona College students Pia and Lily, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl, met recently with past pupils Heather McNaught and Sr Frances Hayes PBVM to present a donation to ACRATH.

Pia and Lily spoke with Heather and Sr Frances, committee members of ACRATH, about how the donation was raised through events hosted by the Year 12 SLC during their annual MAD (Make a Difference) Week celebrations. The girls discussed how the student body supported the events and was very keen to see the work of ACRATH continue across Australia, especially addressing the very important justice issues pertaining to Human Trafficking and Forced Marriage.

ACRATH is very grateful to the Iona students for taking proactive steps to make a difference. Your donation puts you in partnership with ACRATH as we work to eliminate human trafficking and slavery in Australia and beyond.

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