Kick Goals for Good


The August page of the 2022 ACRATH Calendar invites schools to participate in the Soctober programme.

School kids all over Australia are using soccer to learn about the plight of children worldwide and how to make a difference. Almost 400 schools participate in Catholic Mission’s annual Socktober program to raise awareness of and money for children in need.

A powerful ‘lesson’ in the six-week program, which runs in October, is the making of a “sock-ball” from any recycled material, plastic or rags, held together with string. This is the sort of ball too many children in developing countries play with. Students learn why so many children are living in poverty and what actions can support them.

Schools with high Socktober participation receive a RREPP slavery-free soccer ball and are encouraged to audit their own sports equipment to ensure only slavery-free sports equipment is used.

Catholic Mission’s Mark Clarke said Australian school children shouldn’t be playing with balls or other sporting equipment that children in the developing world are often forced to make.

For information on Socktober go to view the YouTube video.

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