Leave No worker Behind

Migrant worker support

In these difficult times brought on by Covid-19 the Australian Government is to be commended for the financial packages being offered to workers who find themselves without work. However no worker must be left behind.

If we abandon visa holders and casual workers, we abandon those workers who feed us, who care for us and who clean our workplaces and public spaces. The industries that employ temporary visa holders need to keep running, and the Government has an obligation to support all workers who perform work at this time. This will help us all recover from this crisis more quickly. Our country is stronger because of our diversity and we should all be proud of our multiculturalism. We expect politicians to stand up for everyone in our communities when it matters most.

You are invited to take part in a campaign asking members of Federal Parliament to urge the Morrison Government to expand eligibility for the JobKeeper scheme to ensure that all workers are able to participate, regardless of their visa status or how long they’ve been with their current employer. A sample letter can be found here.

Access the article that appeared in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on 7th April 2020 here.

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