Let Them Be Heard

Let them Be Heard

ACRATH is imploring people to listen to the stories and voices of trafficked people to gain an understanding of what can be done to combat the injustice. The call marks the 30th July UN declared World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.  A one- minute film clip – Victims Voices Lead the Way: Let Them Be Heard – has been developed by ACRATH member and former forced marriage worker Liz Payne and long-time ACRATH friend, colleague and supporter Marilynn Ross to help communities learn more about the importance of listening to, and learning from, the voices of victim-survivors of human trafficking.

July is also ACRATH’s major fundraising month and this year donations are well down, threatening some of the organisation’s programs. Please donate to ACRATH today.

Victim-survivors are at the heart of everything that ACRATH tries to achieve in its work to help eliminate human trafficking and modern slavery.  ACRATH helps to restore the voice of victim-survivors through its Companionship Program and advocacy work. The Companionship Program involves 13 trained volunteer Companions walking the journey of recovery with survivors. Companions build relationships with these 34 trafficked women and their 45 children women, providing them with emotional, social and practical support.

At the centre of these relationships is care and listening. From this listening, ACRATH is able to learn, and to engage in conversation to help discern the needs of these people. Advocacy then follows. ACRATH recognises that communicating the needs of victim-survivors is a key role for those who actively support and care for vicitms of human trafficking and modern slavery.

ACRATH’s executive officer Christine Carolan said Australians were often involved in human trafficking without realising it. “If you buy a product tainted by human slavery, then you are  part of the injustice, perhaps unknowingly. We are asking people to hear the stories, find out more and make one change. That change might be buying slavery-free tea, coffee, chocolate, sports equipment or clothing,” she said.

Marilyn and Liz said the key messages of the clip are: We Hear You. We listen and learn. We will support you in whatever way we can and we will not let you remain invisible and unheard. Your voices will be reflected through ours until you are strong enough to speak for yourself.

View the film clip here. “Please share this clip with as many others as you are able. The more communities know about human trafficking and modern slavery, the more powerful we will all be in working together to eliminate this continuing scourge,” Liz said.

For information: Contact Rosie Hoban at media@acrath.org.au.

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