Looking for Certified Easter Eggs?

28th Feb Easter HuntCan’t Find Them?

Join ACRATH and STOP THE TRAFFIK in asking Coles and Woolworths to double the number of certified Easter products they sell next year. They will start ordering Easter Eggs for 2016 very soon, so it’s urgent that they hear from you today. Order your cards today at www.stopthetraffik.com.au or download a copy of the card here.  Take them into your local supermarket during your weekly shop. Your efforts could help to bring about an end to child slavery in the cocoa industry.

Looking for certified Easter Eggs in 2015?  Download a copy of the Good Egg Guide here.

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  1. Hi ACRATH, Grant here from Tribes and Nations. We have been doing fair trade for 10 years now and have been selling Fairtrtade eggs for about 5 or 6 years. This year we have the Real Easter Egg which tells the story of Jesus at Easter in picture and word.
    Please take a look at our site, I hope some of your readers may find it helpful

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