Looking for Slavery-Free Easter Eggs?

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If you know where you can buy Easter Eggs certified free from child slavery tell your family and friends. Consumer demand can make a big impact on both the producer and the retailer of a product. In past years some people have found it difficult to find Slavery-free Easter Eggs so we hope the table below may give you some suggestions. While this list is not exhaustive it is published to help those who are struggling to find slavery-free eggs.

Aldi 2017AldiAldi's Easter Egg range is UTZ certified
ColesColesColes have a number of products that carry the UTZ certification
Chocolatier2David JonesDavid Jones sell the Chocolatier range of FairTrade Easter Eggs
HaighsHaighsThis Australian Chocolate company sources UTZ certified cocoa.
Divine3OxfamThe Divine range of FairTrade certified Easter Eggs can be found in Oxfam shops


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    • ACRATH
    • On: April 20, 2017

    The following website link may answer your question for you – http://stopthetraffik.com.au/mondelez/

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