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Iona College WA donation

Iona College WA donationIona Presentation College Supports ACRATH

Iona Presentation College recently celebrated MAD (Making a Difference) Week, an initiative introduced by the Student Leadership Council (SLC) to promote ways that the Iona girls can get involved in helping others less fortunate than themselves. The college’s core value for 2017 was Social Justice and MAD week was centred on this same value.

Throughout the week students ran a cake stall and a raffle as well as getting the girls to donate a gold coin to play a fun game within their year groups. The week was a great success, and as a result nearly $1400 was raised. The SLC chose to donate half of this money to ACRATH. The SLC believes that ACRATH portrays social justice to our local, national and global community in their actions and they weere happy to support ACRATH’s work to protect the rights of vulnerable people.

ACRATH is deeply grateful to the students of Iona College for all the work that went into raising this money and for choosing ACRATH as one of the beneficiaries. We can assure you the money will be used in the fight against human trafficking and slavery.

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