March Against Chocolate Production

Students March post

Students from Sacred Heart Girls College at Oakleigh hit the pavement in the days leading up to Easter to raise awareness about slavery-free chocolate. As part the College’s campaign to highlight the cruelty and injustice of chocolate produced using forced and child labour, a large group of students marched around the College in protest of this practice. The protest was held before Easter, shining a spotlight on the huge increase in chocolate consumption at Easter.

The girls wanted everyone to know that not all chocolate is sweet. Not if a child has been forced to pick the cocoa beans — a key ingredient of chocolate. About 80% of cocoa comes from West Africa and it is estimated that almost 2 million children are in child labour in these areas. They may never go to school or taste the chocolate they help produce.

Students made their own banners and placards, and some students were dressed symbolically as “slaves” tied together in chains and marched to the beat of a slow drum. Other students followed with placards and promoted ethical chocolate purchasing among the College community.

This article was published in ACRATH’s April 2021 Newsletter. Read the newsletter in full here.

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