Mountain Wolf

Mountain Wolf

Roseanne Hawke Supports Children Whose Lives Have Been Traded

Written by Roseanne Hawke, Mountain Wolf is the fictitious story of Razaq Khan who lives in the Pakistani tribal area of Kala Dhaka,BlackMountain. When an earthquake ravishes his family home, his dying father tells him to go to his uncle Javaid in Rawalpindi.  A man preying on orphans lures Razaq to the city with the promise of finding his uncle. But it is not long before Razaq realises he has not been helped at all: he has been sold into slavery.  This is a story of friendship and sacrifice, and the ability of the human spirit to overcome even the most harrowing of circumstances.

While a fictitious story, Mountain Wolf is an insightful description of events that really do happen in our world today.  Through the character of Razaq, we are alerted to the impact of slavery on the lives of innocent children.  This inspirational story will fill you with compassion for children who are currently being exploited.

Proceeds from this book, which is available in most bookshops, will help children whose lives have been traded.  Roseanne is also the author of Marrying Ameera, a book about forced marriage.

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