New Protection for Vulnerable Witnesses and Victims


Attorney-General Announces New Legislation

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC has announced that the Crimes Legislations (Law Enforcement Integrity, Vulnerable Witness Protections and Other Measures) Bill 2013 has been passed by the Australian Parliament.  This legislation will make it possible for vulnerable witnesses to give evidence via closed-circuit television, video recording or video-link and to have a support person accompany the witness when they are giving evidence.

“Prosecutions for human trafficking and slavery rely heavily on witness testimony, so it is vital that we have measures to assist victims to give their best possible evidence to the court,” Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC said.  “The Bill passed yesterday by the Parliament will minimise the risk of re-traumatisation these victims face when giving evidence by providing appropriate support and protection.”

Download a copy of the Attorney General’s media release here.

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