Our People

National Committee

clare condon

Sr Clare Condon sgs

“I came to ACRATH because I want to do my small thing to address the injustice and horror of trafficking in humans, especially women and children. Secondly. it is a united effort of Catholic Religious in Australia, and part of a worldwide movement of Religious Women and Men.”

Carmel Heagerty rsm

National Secretary
“A commitment to justice… working within a team… focused on hope, compassion and a better tomorrow”

Shane Wood cfc

“A commitment to advocate for the rights of children. Working with ACRATH is one way that we can promote this within Australia and beyond. The exploitation of women and children is predominantly carried out by men, so it is incumbent upon men to be at the forefront of addressing and eliminating this evil from our world.”

Annette Arnold rsj

Committee Member
“The values and faith-driven, collaborative and inclusive way ACRATH approaches its work in addressing the insidious and destructive forces of human trafficking.”

Julia Trimboli

Committee Member
"Through most of my career, I’ve been drawn to working to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Working with ACRATH is a very real way of doing this"
Lisa-McDonald (1)

Lisa McDonald

Committee Member
“Every person living on the planet deserves to be free and to be surrounded by love and respect. ACRATH fights for this right through advocacy, partnerships and education, whilst also companioning survivors. This is a critically important mission and I’m proud to be a part.”
Meredith Evans

Meredith Evans rsm

Committee Member
Michael_Mooney (1) (1)

Michael Mooney

Committee Member
"It is difficult to comprehend that the incidents of modern slavery crimes are a growing problem in Australia. Most of us naturally believe that in Australia, a modern democracy, everyone is free from slavery in its various forms and individual rights are universally protected by the law." The work of ACRATH has opened my eyes to the need to shine a spotlight on a range of exploitative practices, including human trafficking, forced labour and forced marriage.

Our Staff


Christine Carolan

National Executive Officer
“I want to be part of a justice-focused team working together for change”

Angela Duthie

Communications Leader
“I wanted to work for an organisation that supports people over profits and shines a light on all the amazing work that ACRATH does.”

Karen D'Souza

“I had made a conscious decision to move into the Not-for-Profit sector and I'm honoured to be part of an organisation that helps mitigate the impacts of human trafficking, exploitation of itinerant workers and forced marriages through its direct assistance, advocacy and education programs.”
Joseph_b (1)

Joseph Dunn

Community Development Worker
"ACRATH gives me the opportunity to use my skills for a worthy cause."

Mary Baulderstone ibvm

National Office Administration
“I support ACRATH's values and goals and I am grateful for the opportunity to translate this support into action.”

Melissa Halliday

Advocate against Human Trafficking and Forced Marriage
"I hope to educate and encourage others to consider their role in building a slavery-free world through their actions."

Noelene Simmons sm

Communications and Advocacy
“I value being part of an organisation committed to upholding the dignity and human rights of all people.”

Regional Coordinators

Cynthia - East Coast

Cynthia Mulholland

East Coast Coordinator
"When I became aware that human trafficking does exist in Australia, I wanted to offer my assistance to ACRATH in helping raise awareness, educating communities and being a part of the solution."

Angela Hart

SA Coordinator
“I want to work for an organisation that cares, accompanies and makes a difference in people’s lives. ACRATH fulfils all of this.”

Teresa Lynch

SA Coordinator
“I realised (by working for ACRATH) I could do something; I was not powerless and I could make choices and spread the word.”
Judy Lamb

Judy Lamb

VIC Coordinator
"Through ACRATH’s newsletters, I became aware of the scope of the problem of human trafficking in Australia and was inspired to respond. The passion and commitment of members continue to inspire me"
Maureen - WA

Maureen Delaney

WA Coordinator
"I would like to help others achieve justice and equity where basic human rights are infringed."

Frances Hayes pbvm

WA Coordinator
"My reason for joining Acrath was because it is an organisation that works on a local level to implement the global goals of working towards the empowerment of women and girls by enabling them to overcome obstacles."