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Does this Give you Any Ideas?

Five hundred nuns from the Buddhist sect known as the Drukpa Order recently completed a 4,000-km (2,485 mile) bicycle trek from Nepal’s Kathmandu to the northern city of Leh in India to raise awareness about human trafficking in the remote region. They rode through treacherous terrain and hostile weather and camped out in the open.  Aware that following on from the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 families were selling their girls because they couldn’t afford to keep them they “wanted to do something to change this attitude that girls are less than boys and that it’s okay to sell them” one of the nuns reported. Read more…

Does this inspire you? What creative ideas can you come up with to raise awareness about the plight of women, men and children being trafficked in our world.

Young Girls at Risk of Forced Marriage

Posted in November 1st, 2016

Forced marriageForced Marriage is a Criminal Offence in Australia

Despite legislation being introduced to criminalise forced marriage in Australia in 2013 the practice is continuing. Young girls are being taken out of Australia to marry men who are often much older. This is a form of child trafficking. Here in Australia they are also being taken out of school to marry much older men. A recent report from the Save the Children charity indicates that a girl under the age of 15 is forced into marriage every seven seconds around the world. Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of Anti-Slavery Australia, comments on the importance of preventing forced marriage. For this to happen there is a need for greater community awareness. Read more…

Human Trafficking Survivors Report

Posted in October 31st, 2016

us-report-on-ht-2016Ways to Help Eliminate Human Trafficking

For the first time ever the US Government has released a report on human trafficking written by survivors. The survivors are all members of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. They have outlined recommendations on how to improve federal trafficking policies ranging from legislation to public awareness campaigns to victims’ services.

The five areas of recommendation are rule of law, public awareness, victim services, labour laws and grant making. Read more…

Does Your Car Have Glittery Mica Paint

Posted in October 30th, 2016

silver-carPerhaps the Mica was Mined by Children

The Guardian has recently brought to light the fact that children in India are working in situations of child labour and debt bondage to mine the mica. The mica is being used in paint for automobiles. Child rights campaigners estimate that up to 20,000 children work in hundreds of small-scale mines in northern Jharkhand and southern Bihar.

This has led some of the world’s biggest car makers including Vauxhall, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi launching investigations into their paint supply chains. The Guardian documented children aged 12 mining mica underground in hazardous, leaking mineshafts, hammering glittering rock flakes from walls and carrying heavy loads through slippery tunnels while above ground, girls as young as 10 were sorting mica from other mined material. These children are not able to go to school and are forced to work in conditions that are dangerous for their health. Read more…

Santa Marta Group Meets

Posted in October 29th, 2016

santa-marta-groupChurch Leaders and Police Chiefs Working to Combat Human Trafficking

Established in 2014, the Santa Marta Group recently held a two day conference in the Vatican. Representatives from thirty countries participated in the conference. In addressing the conference delegates, Pope Francis lamented “The number of these victims – international organisations say – grows, unfortunately, every year. They are helpless, their dignity is stolen, their physical and psychological integrity, and even their life.” Cardinal Vincent Nichols, President of the Santa Marta Group, addressed the Pope giving a report of the activities of the group during the past two years.

“Today we present to you the Reports of the progress we have made, in our respective countries, over the last two years. These Reports contain much that is positive and encouraging….While the Reports give details of thousands who have been rescued and brought to freedom, they also contain expressions of frustration. This growing sense of frustration is also a sign of progress as it expresses our strong determination to see the elimination of human trafficking given a greater priority and tackled with more urgency.” Read more…

Trafficking Victims Need Compensation

Posted in October 25th, 2016

compensationCompensation is a Right not a Privilege

Human trafficking and slavery happens here in Australia. People are being exploited and controlled in situations of  servitude, forced labour, deceptive recruiting for labour services, forced marriage and debt bondage. Human trafficking is a heinous crime that violates a person’s human rights.  Human trafficking is a federal crime. To empower survivors as they recover from the harm and trauma they have experienced it is essential that they have access to appropriate compensation. Access to compensation is a right not a privilege. A new report by the Law Council of Australia and Anti-Slavery Australia has laid out the compelling case for the immediate construction of a national compensation scheme for survivors of human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices. ACRATH is happy to support the campaign for a National Compensation Scheme. Read more…


Child Trafficking

Posted in October 25th, 2016

child-traffickingA Study on Services, Resources, Policies and Practices

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) released a study that presents the features of the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) foster care program model that most effectively meets the specialized needs of foreign-born child victims of human trafficking. Also shared are key findings from the study related to individual outcomes for child victims of trafficking, the services and resources provided to child victims of trafficking, and the policies and practices of URM programs for the recruitment, training, and support of foster families and program staff. Download a copy of Child Victims of Human Trafficking.

Slavery in Supply Chains

Posted in October 13th, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Clothes Come From?

Walk Free has produced this video clip to inform consumers about the power they have to make a difference. Demanding cheaper goods can fuel the demand for slave labour. What choices will you make in the future?


Posted in October 10th, 2016

ACRATH 16 days campaign 2016

Join the International Community for 16 days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence

November 25 is the start of the United Nations-declared 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign, finishing on December 10 – Human Rights Day.

The campaign looks at the different forms of violence that women and girls face. The theme this year is, ‘From peace in the home to peace in the world: make education safe for all!’

Human trafficking is one of the greatest examples of violence against women and girls.  Human trafficking is a $150 billion global industry – and growing. As well, millions of women and girls are forced to work in terrible conditions for little pay and no chance of an education.

Join the campaign



To find out more about ACRATH’s 16 Days campaign contact

Sr Mary Mercer rsj

Posted in October 4th, 2016

mercer-maryWoman of Faith & Graciousness, True Follower of St Mary Mackillop

St Ignatius Church in Norwood, Adelaide, was filled to capacity with people of all ages for the requiem Mass for Sr Mary Mercer on Tuesday 4 th October. Members of ACRATH SA were among this gathering of people whose lives Mary had touched and who were deeply saddened by her passing. Mary had been a member of ACRATH SA since 2011 and was Regional Coordinator during 2014-2015.

Mary had been a leader in Catholic Education in South Australia and later in life was committed to the ministry of  hospital chaplaincy. Deeply appreciated attributes of this beautiful woman, faith, graciousness- even under adversity, humility, integrity, loyalty and generosity were acknowledged in the eulogy.

Archbishop Wilson speaking at the conclusion of the Mass said that Mary was an exemplar of the Josephite charism, a true follower of St Mary MacKillop and that in losing her something precious had been lost. ACRATH sends condolences to the Sisters of St Joseph and to Mary’s family.

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