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Commitment to Fight Against Human Trafficking

Posted in March 31st, 2017

1-23_32817189121_oChange can Happen

Newly elected ACRATH President, Sr Noelene Simmons sm, believes that when people work together change can happen. “It doesn’t matter how small your action is; just do it and tell others about it. Just take one step to counter human trafficking and change will happen.”

Human trafficking is an enormous global tragedy and, sadly, Australia is a player, a destination country for many people. As well, Australians consume goods made by men, women and children who have been enslaved or forced to work for little or no pay. So there is much to be done.

“Working in this area is a long haul and if you expect things to change quickly you will give up because you will have a sense of failure. We have to celebrate the small wins, the little steps forward,” Noelene said. Read more…

Marietta LatonioCongratulations Marietta Latonio

ACRATH is pleased to congratulate Marietta Latonia on being named UNANIMA International’s 2017 Woman of Courage. Marietta Latonio is a social worker who lives and works in Cebu, Philippines. She has been the director of many welfare programs; led implementation of community-based programs for more than 20 years; worked for many NGOs focused on the welfare of women and children; has been a lifelong advocate for children’s human rights, and more recently involved with the “I Have a Voice” research project. Marietta has long been a friend of ACRATH and in 2015 was a presenter at the ACRATH National Conference

She is now the monitor / evaluator of programs at Good Shepherd Welcome House in Cebu. Not only does she work with and support girls and women on the street; but she educates pimps about trafficking, and networks with bar managers in an effort to identify and help women in need. She is working towards a degree with research focused on interventions for recovery of trafficking survivors.

Stop Trafficking!

Posted in March 28th, 2017

Stop TraffickingAnti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 15 No 3

The March 2017 issue of Stop Trafficking! looks at how ordinary citizens and computer specialists assist victims of human trafficking via the internet. Article include: The internet: Locus of human trafficking and locus of efforts to stop it, Hackers help to find traffickers, and “Ban Human Trafficking App.

Download your copy of the March issue here.

What comes First? the Child or the Egg

Posted in March 22nd, 2017

childrenOnRoadEggsYour Choice is Your Voice

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a coalition of NGOs working against human trafficking and slavery. ACRATH is an active member of this coalition. For ten years STOP THE TRAFFIK has been asking chocolate companies and stores to take action in their supply chain to prevent and end the trafficking of children to produce the cocoa that ends up in our chocolate. Things are improving but we are nowhere near where we need to be yet!

Children may be trafficked to produce the cocoa for your Easter Egg. Children come before the egg! Join us to have an Easter free from human trafficking. Choose your chocolate carefully. To find out more about where you can find #traffikFreeEaster Eggs go to the 2017 Good Egg Guide.

Looking for Slavery-Free Easter Eggs?

Posted in March 18th, 2017

Help Spread the Word

If you know where you can buy Easter Eggs certified free from child slavery tell your family and friends. Consumer demand can make a big impact on both the producer and the retailer of a product. In past years some people have found it difficult to find Slavery-free Easter Eggs so we hope the table below may give you some suggestions. While this list is not exhaustive it is published to help those who are struggling to find slavery-free eggs.

Aldi 2017AldiAldi's Easter Egg range is UTZ certified
ColesColesColes have a number of products that carry the UTZ certification
Chocolatier2David JonesDavid Jones sell the Chocolatier range of FairTrade Easter Eggs
HaighsHaighsThis Australian Chocolate company sources UTZ certified cocoa.
Divine3OxfamThe Divine range of FairTrade certified Easter Eggs can be found in Oxfam shops


Sold as a Slave to Ireland

Posted in March 17th, 2017

Remembering St Patrickpatrick_icon

On this day people around the world celebrate the great apostle of Ireland. History tells us that as a young boy Patrick was taken captive and sold as a slave to Ireland. After working as a herdsman he escaped and eventually became a priest. He was made a bishop of Ireland and is remembered throughout the world as a great preacher and missionary of the Christian faith.
The story of St Patrick reminds us of those today who are still being taken captive and sold as slaves into domestic servitude, sexual exploitation or other forms of modern day slavery. As God gave Patrick the vision and strength to bring God’s good news of faith and hope to the people of Ireland, may we be granted grace to support and advocate for the rights of those suffering injustice and abuse in our time, especially asylum seekers and refugees and trafficked women, girls and men.


Posted in March 8th, 2017

IWDInternational Women’s Day 2017

The theme for International Women’s Day in 2017 is #BeBoldForChange. This day invites us to celebrate the achievements of women and to be bold in taking steps to promote gender parity.

Did you know that according to the UNODC 2016 Global Trafficking in Person Report 71% of all trafficking victims are women or young girls? Human Trafficking is a violation of human rights. The time to act is NOW.

  • Be a voice for women in the situations of your daily life – your school, your workplace, your church community, your sporting club, etc.
  • Become more informed about human trafficking in all its forms
  • Alert other to the fact that human trafficking exists in Australia and so be a voice for the vulnerable
  • Join in  ACRATH campaigns to help reduce the demand for goods produced by slave labour
  • Make a donation to support the work of ACRATH

Slavery-free Easter

Posted in February 28th, 2017

Ethical Easter EggsWill Your Easter Eggs  Be Slavery-free?

In 2015, Pope Francis said that “every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act.”

Cocoa is a key ingredient of chocolate. Much of the chocolate sold in Australia is made using cocoa beans picked by children, many of whom have been enslaved, or forced to work in exploitative conditions. The International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) estimates that there are 1.5 million children working in the cocoa sector in West Africa.

Did you know that the Easter eggs in Australian supermarkets might be made with cocoa beans picked by children, many of whom have been enslaved or forced to work in exploitative conditions with no access to education and other human rights? What ethical Easter eggs will you enjoy this Easter?

Spread the word about slavery-free Easter chocolate and enjoy chocolate that carries any of the following symbols on the wrapper.Ethical Symbols2Click here for Slavery-free Easter resources.


ACRATH Acknowledges Sr Anne Tormey rsm

Posted in February 27th, 2017

Thank You for Your Commitment and VisionIMG_2233

At the recent ACRATH National Conference, Sr Anne Tormey rsm (on right in photo) stepped down as President of ACRATH. In thanking Anne for her three years of leadership, Carmel Heagerty rsm reflected:

Anne gifted us with:

  • her capacity to listen, even when many wanted their voices heard at National Committee meetings
  • her knowledge, experience and skills in matters of governance
  • her generosity of commitment and time
  • her vision for ACRATH and her belief in operating as a team
  • her warmth and engagement
  • her inner presence.

Anne has been a blessing for ACRATH in her role as President and, we now bless Anne.

Sr Anne Tormey’s report on the work of ACRATH during 2016 can be found here. The ACRATH AGM named Sr Noelene Simmons sm as the National President of ACRATH for the next twelve months.


Sister of Mercy to Take Up UN Role

Posted in February 24th, 2017

Congratulations to Sr Angela Reed, an Australian Sister of Mercy and Member of ACRATH. On 1st March Angela will take up her new role as MIA (Mercy International Association) Global Action Coordinator at the UN in New York. Angela is a graduate of RMIT University’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, Melbourne, Australia, where she completed her Ph D on Human Trafficking. In the YouTube clip above Angela is interviewed about her new role by Shane Healy, Communications Director for the Melbourne Archdiocese.

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