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Traffic stoppers

Posted in November 11th, 2007

The Catholic Leader
November 11, 2007

FOUR hundred students from Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorn, have taken a stand against human trafficking, and their passion is already spreading to fellow Catholic schools.

Inspired by Good Samaritan Sister Pauline Coll, who has been in Rome discussing this global form of exploitation with Vatican authorities, the girls protested silently along Hawthorne Road for one hour before classes began on October 18.

That afternoon Lourdes Hill hosted a social justice event – attended by students from Carmel College, Villanova College, St James’, Saint Laurence’s and San Sisto – where there was a focus on raising awareness about human trafficking. read more..

Restaurateur cleared of slave claims

Posted in October 26th, 2007


A Blue Mountains restaurateur accused of forcing an Indian chef to work in conditions of forced labour has been cleared of exploitation charges.

But Yogalingam Rasalingam faces up to five years in prison for falsifying the employment contract attached to the man’s visa application. read more..

Exploitation of skilled migrants exposed

Posted in August 28th, 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald
Matthew Moore and Malcolm Knox
August 28, 2007

CONDITIONS in remote Australian workplaces, where two foreigners died within three days in June, are so harsh that a leading immigration expert says they are “akin to slavery”.

A Herald investigation has exposed blatant breaches of the 457 skilled visa scheme and uncovered hidden details of the deaths of the two workers in the Northern Territory and Queensland, and of a third north of Perth.

The investigation highlights disturbing exploitation of overseas workers, too afraid to speak out, under a scheme that allows employers to sponsor thousands of foreigners to come into Australia and do jobs locals cannot or will not do. It reveals the “extremely ugly face” of the 457 visa system, according to the immigration expert Professor Bob Birrell, from Monash University. read more..

Govt stands by 457 visa scheme

Posted in August 28th, 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald
August 28, 2007

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews is standing by the 457 visa program after claims employer abuse of the scheme has led to the deaths of vulnerable foreign workers.

Unions ramped up criticism of the scheme and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd called for better monitoring after reports three 457 visa holders had died in the past five months.

Filipino farm supervisor Pedro Balading was thrown off the back of a truck and killed on a Northern Territory cattle station in June, not long after complaining he was being forced to do menial work in breach of his visa conditions. read more..

August 22, 2007

Sixteen-year-old Sushma does not want to reveal her true identity for fear that the traffickers who sold her into the notorious brothel area of Kamathipura in Mumbai, India, could track her down and kill her.

“I should have listened to my village schoolteacher who told me not to be taken in by false promises of a job abroad,” she told IRIN, expressing regret that she had left her village in Banke, nearly 600km southwest of Kathmandu, without even informing her parents.

“There are so many innocent village girls who have been lured by traffickers with false promises of earning a lot of money in a foreign country,” said Sushma. read more..

Education is the Key!

Posted in July 1st, 2007

UNGEI (United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative)

Photo essays. read more..

Court told of 600 acts as ‘sex slave’

Posted in May 22nd, 2007

The Age
Julia Medew
May 22, 2007

A THAI “sex slave” was forced to perform more than 600 sexual acts in brothels across Melbourne before she was freed by her “owner” in 2004, a court has been told.

The young woman — one of seven allegedly recruited by a Melbourne-based sex slave racket — was also ordered to surrender her passport so she could not flee the country, the Melbourne Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

Federal police allege four people, including 35-year-old Sarisa Leech, of St Albans, bought the women for $20,000 each before putting them on one-year contracts to work in Melbourne brothels in 2003.

The women were allegedly held in suburban apartments and driven to work by their “owners”, who controlled their affairs. read more..

Mission to fight modern slavery

Posted in February 18th, 2007

Catholic Australia
Copyright © L. Page, The Catholic Leader
February 18, 2007

A Nun on a Mission

Queensland-born Good Samaritan Sister Pauline Coll is passionately certain that creating awareness of the evils of human trafficking is a powerful agent for change.

She is part of a rising network of religious women outraged that exactly 200 years after the abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Act, human trafficking is still with us.

Relaxed and fashionable in a bright, floral summer dress, the 68-year-old looks nothing like a nun on a mission to alert others to the ills of modern human slavery and its many guises. read more..

Organ Trafficking

Posted in January 1st, 2007

“The last time Makhbuba Aripova, a young woman from the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan, saw her husband Farkhod he was about to set off for a new life in Canada. Makhbuba, five months pregnant, was due to join him when their first child was born. Days later, remains of her 23 year old husband were found in plastic bags dumped in their home town of Bukhara, 2,500 miles southeast of Moscow. The victims had arranged their trip through Kora, a company set up last year by the Korayev family. For a small fee they promised jobs in Canada and Australia, plus visas and work permits. Dozens came forward in a country plagued by poverty and unemployment. The Korayevs killed their clients before removing kidneys and other organs which were smuggled to Russia.”

Child Soldiers

Posted in January 1st, 2007

“Michael was 15 when he was kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to serve as a combatant in the Ugandan insurgent force. During his forced service in the LRA, he was made to kill a boy who had tried to escape. He also watched another boy being hacked to death because he did not alert the guards when his friend successfully escaped”

A 13-year-old former child soldier from Liberia recounts: “They gave me pills that made me crazy. When the craziness got in my head, I beat people on their heads and hurt them until they bled. When the craziness got out of my head I felt guilty. If I remembered the person I went to them and apologized. If they did not accept my apology, I felt bad.”

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