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Music for Freedom

Posted in April 29th, 2016

Don’t Miss this Opportunity: Book Your Seats Now

Music for FreedonHave you booked your seat for Music for Freedom yet? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be entertained and support the work of ACRATH’s anti-human trafficking initiatives at the same time.

When:  Saturday 14th May at 7pm
Where: Del Monte School Hall, Strathfield, NSW
(corner of The Boulevard & Carrington Street)
Tickets: $20 per adult, $10 per child

This event, which showcases the musical talent of students from some of Sydney’s Catholic schools, will be compared by John Cleary (ABC Radio, Sunday Nights). Be sure to register online. (This facility gives the option of booking and paying at the door on the evening).


Backwards NOT Forwards

Posted in April 28th, 2016

Backwards Not ForwardsModelez Reduction in Certified Cocoa Products

Thousands of boys as young as 10 yrs old, from the Cote D’Ivoire and neighbouring countries, are trafficked to pick and harvest Cocoa beans? We believe chocolate companies have a responsibility to seriously address the key issues that contribute to children being trafficked to work on cocoa farms and prevent the physical, emotional and sexual abuse these children are subjected to. It was therefore a great disappointment when Mondelez,  the largest chocolate company in the world (they own Cadbury, Milka and Toblerone brands) did not produce a Fair Trade Easter Egg in 2016 as they had done in previous years.

What can we do? Backwards is NOT Forwards. Ask Mondelez why they have not stocked their Fairtrade Dairy Milk Egg for Easter 2016! Join the STOP THE TRAFFIK campaign. Order postcards here and send them to Mondelez asking them to increase their supply of products made with certified cocoa.

Strategies to End Child Marriage

Posted in April 28th, 2016

Girls Not Brides ChecklistCheck List from GIRLS NOT BRIDES

GIRLS NOT BRIDES is a civil society partnership of more than 550 member organisations that are based in over 70 countries. Their aim is to give the issue of child marriage worldwide attention so that strategies can be put in place to end it. In February 2016 they issued A Checklist for National Strategies to End Child Marriage. In  the introduction to the document they state:

“Every year 15 million girls are married before the age of 18. There is unprecedented recognition that child marriage infringes their rights and is a major setback to development.”

The checklist is a tool that can be used for developing national strategies to prevent this violations of human rights.  Download a copy of the resource here.

ACRATH Newsletter

Posted in April 26th, 2016

ACRATH Logo 2015 - smallLatest ACRATH News

The latest edition of the ACRATH Newsletter is now available. Read about the activities ACRATH has been involved in during the first four months of this year. The Newsletter includes articles on ACRATH meetings in Canberra, Slavery Free Chocolate Easter Campaign, Visa News, ACRATH Calendar, The 2016 ACRATH National Conference, the Australian Freedom Network and many others. There is also a request for donations so that the work of ACRATH can continue into the future. Select the following links to download a copy of the ACRATH Newsletter or a Report on the 2016 ACRATH National Conference.

Revolution in the Fashion Industry

Posted in April 21st, 2016

Rana PlazaThree Years On From Rana Plaza

It’s time to reform the fashion industry!  Did you know that many of the people who make our clothes work in shameful and dangerous conditions for very low pay? Three years ago on 24 April 2013, the clothing industry’s worst industrial disaster occurred. Fast facts:

  • The Rana Plaza, an eight-storey building, constructed on swampy soil just outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, suddenly collapsed
  • 1,136 people were killed
  • More than 2,500 people were injured
  • The day before the accident, workers had pointed out large cracks in the building, but their concerns were ignored
  • Most of the casualties were poorly paid female garment workers
  • 41 people, including the building’s owner, have subsequently been charged
  • At the time, 29 global brands had recent or current orders with at least one of the five garment factories in the building

Click here to learn more and to find out what action you can take to ensure your clothes are ethically sourced.

2016 Australian Fashion Report

Posted in April 21st, 2016

Fashion Report 16The Truth Behind the Barcode

Baptist World Aid Australia have released the third edition of the Australian Fashion Report. In a media release to introduce the report it is noted that “when it comes to the efforts of the Australian fashion industry, we’re continuing to see even more progress!” The report covers 87 companies representing over 300 brands. Significant improvements have been found in the policies and practices that have been put in place to mitigate the risk of child labour and forced labour in the companies’ supply chains. There is also an increase in the number of companies paying above the minimum wage to their workers. However the majority of companies are still not paying workers a living wage.

  • Download the full report and the pocket guide and use them as a guides when you are shopping
  • Tell you friends about the report
  • Write to companies that have improved their policies affirming their actions
  • Express your concerns to companies that still need to take significant action concerning their supply chains and labour practices.

Loreto Sisters at the UN

Posted in April 18th, 2016

ibvm-150x150Prevent Human Trafficking

The Loreto Sisters (IBVM) have devoted the latest issue of IBVM at the United Nations to the issue of Human Trafficking.  The Newsletter shares stories of awareness raising, advocacy, prayer and direct attention to victims. It includes articles about how parish interfaith groups can work to eliminate human trafficking, human trafficking and forced labour in supply chains as considered at the 2016 ACRATH National Conference and awareness raising through prayer and social media just to name a few. In Australia a number of Loreto Sisters are actively engaged in the work of ACRATH. Keep up to date with the work of the Loreto Sisters at the United Nations by visiting their website –

Gender Dimension of Human Trafficking

Posted in April 15th, 2016

HT & GenderStudy Commissioned by European Commission

Launched in Brussels in March 2016 Study on the Gender Dimension of Trafficking in Human Beings  was commissioned by the European Commission in the framework of the EU commitment to combat human trafficking. The report develops a series of recommendations, on the different aspects of the EU work on trafficking in human beings: victim assistance, law enforcement, demand reduction , new knowledge, measuring trafficking. Read more…

A Matter of Taste

Posted in April 13th, 2016

The Impact of Certification SystemsA matter of taste

Since 2000 the world has been aware of the scandal of children being trafficked to harvest and produce cocoa in West Africa. In 2001 the global chocolate industry publically acknowledged the use of forced, child and trafficked labour in their operations and signed a collective agreement – the Harkin-Engel Protocol – to eliminate it from their supply chains. Campaigning organisations started to see changes in line with this commitment when they began engaging the issue in earnest from 2007. The ask of the campaigners was for the industry to implement third party, independent auditing of farms and cooperatives at one end of the supply chain and on-product labelling for the consumer to know steps were being taken for their favourite chocolates to be “traffik-free”.
Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have such certification systems. Their standards are set independently and their auditing processes are undertaken independently by third-parties. They then offer on product labelling for communicating with consumers at point of sale.

Over the years many people have asked how good this system is, what it actually achieves and how the three certifications differ. A Matter of Taste, a report produced through the work of STOP THE TRAFFIK, Baptist World Aid Australia and World Vision Australia, looks at the impact of certification systems in eliminating human trafficking in the cocoa industry. Read more…


Stop Trafficking!

Posted in March 31st, 2016

Stop TraffickingAnti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 14 No 3

The March 2016 issue of Stop Trafficking highlights the negative impact of pornography in society, leading to the furthering of human trafficking. This issue also includes an article entitled” Challenges for Trafficking Survivors: Financial Stability and Housing.” While this article refers to the situation in the US, the challenges it describes are not uncommon in other countries. Download the March issue here.

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