Parliamentary Inquiry Report Acknowledges ACRATH


Trading Lives:  Modern-day Human Trafficking

A report from an inquiry into slavery, slavery-like conditions and people trafficking conducted by the Human Rights Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade was tabled in Federal Parliament on Monday 24th June 2013.  In tabling the report entitled Trading Lives: Modern-day Human Trafficking inquiry chair, Mr Laurie Ferguson MP, commented, “I also want to take the unusual step of congratulating some people who drove this inquiry, most particularly the Australian Catholic Religious against Trafficking in Humans, a group of Catholic nuns who have run a very strong campaign on behalf of those people suffering from sexual slavery. That is an area where sometimes people tend to blame the victims as much as the perpetrators, so their work has really been central in getting this on the agenda.”

Download a copy of the report here.