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Donate - 2019 web post

As we head towards the UN’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30 we would like to thank those of you who have donated to our national appeal. On July 30 the spotlight is shone on human trafficking and the cost to millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that more than 40 million people around the world are enslaved and one in four of these are children.

As well as working to eliminate human trafficking, ACRATH works to support survivors of human trafficking. ACRATH volunteer Maureen Ham is calm in the midst of the chaos endured by some women who are trafficked into Australia, often for sex work. As an ACRATH Companion Maureen offers emotional, spiritual and practical support to women who have been trafficked. Since she began her voluntary work as a Companion five years ago she has supported three women. At the moment she is a Companion to Tina, a 39-year-old woman from Vietnam. (details altered to protect Tina’s identity).

ACRATH has seventeen trained volunteers across Australia serving as Companions to 28 women and their 24 children. Some have been a Companion to the same woman for more than a decade. Others support women who have had children since they were trafficked into Australia and provide support to the whole family. Maureen accompanies Tina to appointments, assists with Medicare and other phone queries, helps with the paying of bills if English speaking is required, meets her regularly for lunch or a catch up and exchanges texts often.

ACRATH’s Companions, like Maureen, are all volunteers, but it costs $30,000 a year to maintain the program. The Companionship Program is funded by donations. ACRATH’s national fund-raising appeal aims to raise $400,000 to continue our work fighting against human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Many of you have already donated money to ACRATH in the past few weeks and we are very grateful for your support.  If you have not donated, we ask you to consider giving to our appeal and supporting our Companion, forced marriage and forced labour programs.

Please donate today

Cheques payable to ACRATH Public Fund and posted to:

ACRATH National Office,
54 Beaconsfield Parade,
Albert Park, 3206.

Direct Deposit

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
ACRATH Public Fund
BSB: 063 111
Account number: 10802141

(Please send an email to if you make a donation by direct deposit giving name and contact details so that a receipt can be sent).

Our achievements over the last 12 months in protecting many victims of modern slavery were made possible only through the generosity of supporters like you. We need your help again. Please donate to our appeal and help us bring an end to human trafficking, forced marriage and forced labour.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Christine Carolan, Executive Officer
Sr Noelene Simmons sm, President


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