Pope Benedict Speaks Against Modern Day Slavery

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Pope Benedict Encourages Freedom Against Slavery

In an audience with participants in the ordinary assembly of the High Council of the Pontifical Missionary Societies on Sunday 14th May Pope Benedict drew attention to the curse of Modern Day Slavery.

“New problems and new forms of slavery, in fact, emerge in our time, both in the so-called first world, wealthy and rich but uncertain about its future, both in emerging countries, where, even as a result of globalization often characterized by profit, they end up increasing the poor masses, the immigrants and the oppressed, in which dims the light of hope. The Church must constantly renew its commitment to bring Christ, to prolong his messianic mission for the coming of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of justice, peace, freedom, love.

To transform the world according to God’s plan with the renewing power of the Gospel, “so that God may be all in all” (1 Corinthians 15:28) is the task of all the People of God. Therefore it is necessary to continue to work with renewed enthusiasm the mission of evangelization, the joyful proclamation of the Kingdom of God, came to Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit to lead people to true freedom of God’s children against all forms of slavery. It is necessary to cast the nets of the Gospel in the sea of history so as to lead people to the Land of God.” The full version of Pope Benedict’s address can be read here.

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