Prayer to End Pandemic

Roary Marathon for the Pandemic

Pope Francis has initiated a marathon of prayer to ask for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic. Vulnerability to human trafficking has increased during the pandemic. To participate in this initiative, Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons, invites us to join in prayer for individuals and families struggling with human trafficking.

Throughout these days, Talitha Kum’s Facebook and Twitter channels will share images of networks around the world, spreading hope and courage. ACRATH is a member of the Talitha Kum network.

How to participate

To join the campaign on May 16th, please share a photo of a symbol of hope with an encouraging message.

To join us on Facebook or Twitter, please use the hashtags
and don’t forget to tag us @talithakumrome and @ACRATHumans

If you’re not active on these channels, you can also email your contribution to

We are invited to pray the Rosary. Each days is characterized by a prayer intention for the various categories of trafficked people most affected by the plight of the pandemic:
May 16th, for all victims of violence and human trafficking
May 17th, for all world leaders and for all heads of international organizations
May 18th, for all doctors and nurses
May 19th, for all people at war and for world peace
May 20th, for all pharmacists and health care personnel

Thank you for your participation.