Religious lead fight against sex slavery


The Catholic Weekly
Marilyn Rodrigues
December 3, 2006

A CONVERSATION with Good Samaritan Sr Pauline Coll

Today there are an estimated 1000 women working as sex slaves in Australia and as many as 300 are smuggled here each year, says Sister of the Good Samaritan, Sr Pauline Coll.

Most come to Australia from South-East Asia with the promise of waitressing or traditional massage work but once they get here they are forced through lies, extortion, blackmail or violence, or a combination of these, to work in brothels for no pay.

Many are afraid of the police and Immigration Department officials, have little or no English or knowledge of where to go for help. If they know enough and are brave enough to testify against their captors they are offered a temporary witness protection visa. Many receive no help at all. Read more..