Remembering Carol Hogan sss

Carol Hogan

A Serene, Cheerful and Generous Woman

Carol HoganACRATH members wish to pay tribute to Carol Hogan sss who died on Monday 2nd June.  Carol made a significant contribution to ACRATH through the person that she was, through her taking up of the role of Victorian co-ordinator and then National Secretary and through her encouragement of a group of young professional women who wished to take up the fight against human trafficking.  At her funeral on 1oth June Sr Carole McDonald rsm delivered the following tribute to Carol.

“It seems very fitting that a woman who had begun her adult life as a Contemplative Religious in a Congregation devoted to the Blessed Eucharist, before turning to theological studies and ministry to students, should use those skills and inner qualities to work towards the extinction of all forms of exploitation in particular of women. Carol often said that it is difficult for Christians to celebrate the Eucharist completely while members of the Body of Christ are suffering through the denial of their human rights and dignity.

We members of ACRATH were privileged to benefit from Carol’s utter dedication to the education of the wider community about this evil. Carol gave not only her time, but more especially the fruits of her rich inner life of prayer, her insights and her ability to innovate with new ideas and to work towards their achievement. We will continue to miss Carol’s serene, cheerful and generous presence among us, her tireless activity urging us on and her reminders through the inspirational prayers she provided for our meetings, that God is not bound by gender. God was always Sophia for Carol and we commend her now to enjoy that abiding new life in the presence of Sophia/Wisdom/Love, towards which her whole life was directed.”

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