Report Highlights Action


The 2021 Talitha Kum Report provides a summary of network anti-trafficking activities in 2021 and outlines commitments for 2022. Talitha Kum is present in 92 countries with 55 national networks (including ACRATH) and 6,039 people actively involved in anti-trafficking activities on all continents. During 2021, 258,549 individuals benefitted from prevention activities, 19,993 victim/survivors were supported and 58,416 were involved in networking, formation and capacity building.

The published Talitha Kum Report aims to be a valuable tool to discuss the phenomenon of human trafficking in different contexts, in raising awareness, aiding prevention, and supporting action to combat this phenomenon through sharing good practices, stories and testimonies.

The 2021 Report is now available in different languages on the Talitha Kum website. Enjoy reading it

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