Education Resource ~ Step 2

Posted in September 1st, 2016


By the end of Step 2 students will be able to formulate statements about different aspects of the issue of human trafficking.

Phase 1: Deepening knowledge

Divide the class into small groups. Assign each group one of the definitions found on the ACRATH website.
Students are required to find out as much as they can about their allocated definition. To assist in this task, students should be encouraged to research daily newspapers, television news and current events programs, the web including sites such as :

journal_iconPhase 2: Reflecting on learning
On completion of this task, allow students time for individual reflection in their journals. The following may be helpful prompts:

  • What is emerging as an issue or concern for me?
  • I hadn’t realized that …
  • I was shocked to find out ….
  • I feel…. after learning ….
  • The following questions come up for me now that I know …..

Ask students to share something from their journal writing with one other person, then with two others, then with the whole class.

Phase 3: Extending the learning
Discuss student learning in light of research and reflection. These questions could be placed around the walls of the classroom and students asked to walk around and write underneath each question what they have learnt so far and a word or phrase of personal reaction.

Trafficking has been called a global phenomenon. What numbers of people are we talking about?
Nearly every country is a source, transit or destination for trafficking. What does this mean? What does it mean for Australia?

An issue of increasing concern is forced marriages. Why would this be an issue connected with human trafficking?
Teachers need to facilitate a general discussion after all have had an opportunity to write their own and read others’ responses.