Organ Trafficking

  • Child Trafficking After Earthquake June 2, 2016
    Child Traffickers Target Vulnerable Children When a 7.6 quake caused huge loss of life and devastation of homes child traffickers took advantage of children who had lost their families and were homeless. The traffickers sold children into child labour, forced marriage and sexual servitude. Poor people were also targeted by organ traffickers who offered quick cash ...
  • Stop Trafficking! September 16, 2015
    Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 13 No 9 The September 2015 issue of Stop Trafficking highlights how demand for services can subtly promote sexual and labour exploitation and subsequent human trafficking. Articles in this publication include Demand for services: exploitation and trafficking, Human harvest and Clothing industry: Argentinian Sweatshops Download your copy here.
  • Stop Trafficking! September 15, 2013
    Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 11 No 9 The September 2013 issue of Stop Trafficking is now available.  This issue highlights neglected and interwoven aspects of trafficking such as organ trafficking, international brokers and worker bondage. Download your copy here.
  • Australian Senate Passes Slavery Bill February 27, 2013
    Forced Labour, Forced Marriage and Organ Trafficking Now Criminal Offences ACRATH has received with great joy the news that the Australian Senate today passed the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill 2012.  ACRATH took part in the consultations that led to the drafting of this Bill and along with other NGOS such as ...
  • Anti-Trafficking Newsletter June 20, 2012
    Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 10 No 6 The June 2012 issue of Stop Trafficking highlights ways in which traffickers exploit tourism and how organisation are working to stop it. Download the June issue here.
  • Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking Legislation May 31, 2012
    Crimes Legislation Amendment On Wednesday 30th May 2012 the Federal Attorney General introduced into the Australian Parliament new legislation that criminalises forced marriage, forced labour and organ trafficking. In presenting the bill the Hon Nicola Roxon MP commented “A common factor of contemporary slavery and trafficking—from forced labour and forced marriage to organ trafficking—is the misuse and ...
  • Illegal Organ Trade Rising May 31, 2012
    Traffickers Cashing in on Increased Demand Recent media reports indicate that traffickers are cashing in on the rising demand for replacement kidneys because of the rise in diabetes and other diseases. Organ trafficking rings have been uncovered in a number of countries including India, Pakistan, China.  The resurgence of trafficking has prompted the WHO to suggest ...
  • Organ Trafficking in Australia July 31, 2011
    Australia’s First Reported Case of Suspected Organ Trafficking The Australian media recently reported the Australian Federal Police were investigating an alleged case of organ trafficking.  Trafficking for the purpose of harvesting organs is an international problem but this is the first case to be reported in Australia. The Minister for Justice, Brendan O’Connor, said ”Irrespective of the type ...