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Modern Slavery: A Kit for Senior Secondary Students

Welcome to the ACRATH Online Teaching Kit

This teaching kit has been prepared to assist secondary school teachers in educating and raising consciousness about the issue of human trafficking.
Developed as 4-step process for teaching about human trafficking: Introduction – Information – Recognition – Action, each step in the process is crucial and requires completion as students move through the learning cycle to a deepened understanding of the issue of modern day slavery and a commitment to action.

The resource has five aims:

  • To educate and raise consciousness about human trafficking and its many forms
  • To provide a process for teaching about human trafficking
  • To invite reflection on the issue of human trafficking
  • To encourage action to address the issue of human trafficking
  • To invite transformation in attitude on the issue of human trafficking

To access the education resource click on the links below:

ACRATH welcomes your comments on this resource.

Please email the Education Team - education@acrath.org.au. Thank you.

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