Sarah’s Still Loving Slavery-Free Chocolate


Sarah Coffey happily agreed to be the ‘poster girl’ for ACRATH’s slavery-free Easter chocolate campaign in 2014. Today, she’s still promoting slavery-free chocolate and eating it!

Sarah’s image has been used over the years as a message to consumers that slavery-free chocolate, certified FAIR TRADE or Rainforest Alliance, is as delicious as other chocolate. And so much sweeter because slavery and child labour have not been part of the chocolate’s supply chain.

Join Sarah and many other ACRATH supporters in this Easter’s ‘Be A Good Egg’ Easter Campaign (link to page). The campaign asks you to: 

  • Download the Be Slavery Free Chocolate Scorecard to find out what’s really going into your chocolate and how your favourite brands rate.
  • Be an influencer and share your chocolate (online) by taking a selfie/or photo with your Easter chocolate (after checking its rating on the scorecard) then uploading the photo to your favourite social media platform with the following text:  “I’m a good Egg! I’ve joined ACRATH’s Good Egg Easter Campaign and have committed to buying only Easter chocolate from brands that commit to making slavery-free chocolate.”
  • Join Us, Share your message, and don’t forget to tag us or email us at to be featured in our campaign on our social media. We will be publishing photos from schools, individuals and workplaces.

Sarah checked out the 2022 Be Slavery Free Scorecard before eating her Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate and was delighted to discover that it rated very highly. In fact the scorecard noted, “Previous scorecard ‘Good Eggs’ Alter Eco, Tony’s Chocolonely and Whittaker’s continue to be best in class”. Sarah dug a bit further and found that Tony’s Chocolonely work with 6 cocoa cooperatives: 2 in Ghana and 4 in Ivory Coast.  The buying practices ensure the growers are paid a just wage.

 “Yeah to Tony Chocolonely. The chocolate is absolutely delicious and it’s even better knowing that the chocolate is produced by people paid a fair wage,” said Sarah, who is currently finishing her primary teaching degree at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne.

“My family has been hearing about slavery-free chocolate for years from ACRATH. Sometimes I forget and buy chocolate that isn’t certified Rainforest Alliance or FAIR TRADE. But I do my best. I encourage others to join this year’s campaign.”

Find out more about ACRATH’s ‘Be A Good Egg’ Easter chocolate campaign here.

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