Show Your Face


Show your face and be part of the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign on Saturday 30 July, the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The campaign encourages people to raise awareness of human trafficking and inspire action to combat human trafficking.

The faces of ACRATH staff, volunteers and supporters will be showing up on ACRATH social media on Saturday as part of the campaign. Join in to show your solidarity.

The Blue Heart is increasingly recognised as the international symbol against human trafficking, representing the sadness of those trafficked while reminding us of the cold-heartedness of those who buy and sell fellow human beings. The campaign allows people to show their solidarity with the victims of human trafficking and increase their visibility by sharing the Blue Heart.

There’s still time for you to join us in this campaign by showing us your face.

We encourage everyone to join ACRATH in this year’s Blue Heart Campaign by sending a photo to Ange, ACRATH’s Communications Leader (pictured), via email: by Thursday 28 July. So please find a photo on your phone or computer and send it to Ange, She will add it to a virtual border, with logos and the hashtag #EndHumanTrafficking. Your photo will appear on ACRATH’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as part of a virtual wall to demonstrate our support and solidarity in numbers. No names will be used.

For more information about the UN Blue Heart Campaign go to:

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