Slavery Free Easter Chocolate

February 2018

Is Your Easter Egg Slavery Free?

In 2015, Pope Francis said that
“every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always
a moral – and not simply an economic – act.”

Thousands of children in West Africa pick cocoa beans that are used in chocolate production. Most of the children don’t know what the cocoa beans are used for, and many will never taste chocolate. But we will.

This Easter we will spend millions of dollars on chocolate. We will buy chocolate as gifts and we will buy some to add to hampers for raffles and fundraising campaigns, such as CARITAS’ wonderful Project Compassion appeal. This year buy only slavery-free chocolate that features one of these three logos on the wrapper. fair-trade-logos
Join millions of people around the world in an effort to make all chocolate slavery-free. Find out how to make a difference in your school, parish and community. Click here for more resources.