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Despite campaigns stretching back to the 1800’s slavery continues to exist today.  Slavery or human trafficking is involved in the production of goods such as cocoa, seafood, bricks, clothing, rugs and palm oil in some countries.  These goods are being exported and sold around the world including in Australia.  A number of international treaties attempt to address this issue together with laws in the countries where these goods are produced. However, adequate enforcement of both laws and treaties is often lacking.

Australian law makes it illegal for any Australian company to engage in any financial transaction involving a slave, regardless of where it occurs in the world. However, no effort is currently made to identify Australian companies importing goods that involve the use of slavery in their production.

Send a message urging the Australian Government to require companies to take all reasonable steps to ensure the goods they import and sell in Australia are free of slavery and human trafficking before they end up on store shelves.  Sign the on-line petition here.

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